Gastronomie Investment Holdings takes our corporate social responsibility seriously. Our belief is that community awareness and action, as well as positive social interaction are the hallmarks of any modern business entity.

Our company adheres to labour practices that are sustainable, feasible and lawful. The company is dedicated to our partners, our employees, their families and communities.

Gastronomie Investment Holdings CSR projects, both within our business and other outreach commitments, are devoted to enriching lives, developing skills and uplifting society.


Gastronomie Investment Holdings is committed to a reduced carbon footprint across all our operations. From our head office to all our brands, the company has policies in place that actively encourage our employees to reduce, recycle and save.

All our brands use environmentally-friendly and sustainable packaging.

Water, paper and plastic, and electricity – if it can be saved, recycled or re-used, Gastronomie Investment Holdings plays its part.


All Gastronomie Investment Holdings’ businesses and brands use only the best and the freshest ingredients available from local sources as a way of supporting small businesses and their communities.

In doing so, working with more local businesses and using more locally available materials aids a reduction of fuel consumption and lessens road pollution, in turn aiding our commitment as a company to reducing our carbon footprint in every way possible.


Gastronomie Investment Holdings adheres to South Africa’s Basic Conditions of Employment Act to guarantee the best working environment for all our employees.

Our company is committed to following the correct protocols that offer employees reasonable and safe working conditions, appropriate market-related salaries and suitable legal protection.


Gastronomie Investment Holdings encourages our employees to always learn and grow during their time with the company.

We strive to provide all our employees with quality industry-standard training that not only strengthens their performance in service to our company and our brands, but also improves and develops their skillsets for a future beyond their time at Gastronomie Investment Holdings.


Gastronomie Investment Holdings is always looking for talented people who have the drive, the necessary skills and a passion for the food service and hospitality industry. Please feel free to get in touch with us. Complete the contact form on our website to tell us more about yourself and why you would like to join our team.